Athlete Spotlight: Addie Swanson of PVHS Signs with Iowa Hawkeyes

Addie Swanson of Pleasant Valley High School in Bettendorf, IA signed with the University of Iowa. Read below to find out how she made the decision to become a Hawkeye, and watch the video below to hear more!

How did you make the decision to continue your running career collegiately?

"I never really ahd thought about not running collegiately, I guess it's always just been something that was there, that I thought I was always going to do. I have an older brother that ran at UNI, and so ever since then whenever people would be like 'oh are you going to run in college?' or 'oh when you go run in college...' like they just kind of assumed, or, you know, it wasn't really a question, I never really truly asked myself, like 'hmm, I'm not going to run in college?' because it's always just been something that I wanted to do."

What schools did it come down to? What was your final decision and how did you make that decision?
"It was between Minnesota and Iowa, and how I made the decision was basically where I saw myself being the happiest like three years down the road, and you know, make a pros and cons list and see the one who had the most pros and you know, think about the one that had the best coaches that are there and the most potential that the team has, and I just truly thought that there's an upcoming rise in Iowa Track & Field, and so I went with that decision and I have been super happy about it."

What are you most looking forward to about competing collegiately?
I'm really looking forward to the competition of it. It's obviously way different than high school competition, and I really think that, with my competitiveness, it'll allow me to, hopefully, expand in my ability and the times I can run in my events.

To hear more about how Addie got started in track and field, what events she hopes to compete in, her hopes for her last high school season, and more, watch the video below!

You can also view Addie's high school stats so far on her athlete profile here.