Social Media Do's and Don'ts

Interested in competing in college? Recruiters, coaches, and future teammates will check your social media! Here are some tips on what you should include on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and what you should definitely leave out.

Do:       Post about your family, friends, and school
Don't:   Include unsuitable photos, hashtags, or language

Do:       Post about your accomplishments and awards
Don't:   Focus it on you. Instead, credit your family, coaches, classmates, and teachers

Do:       Post about things you are passionate about
Don't:   Include inappropriate or sensitive topics

Do:        Post photos from life events like prom, banquets, and graduation
Don't:    Include photos that are inappropriate or distasteful. Keep it classy!

Do:       Make your profile private if you are uncomfortable with people searching it
Don't:   Make it private unless you feel like you really need to. Your future team may want to tag you in
                promotional materials and will find you more trustworthy if they can see your profiles

Do:       Delete any posts that you feel are unseemly from the past
Don't:   Count on those posts to just disappear. The internet is forever!

If you want to be recruited by certain schools, make sure you fill out their "Recruit Me" forms on their athletic websites and contact the coaches! Then they know you are interested so they can set up official visits, plan for scholarships, and develop other great offers for you.