XC Interview – Addie Royer, Pleasant Valley HS


 XC Interview -  Addie Royer, Pleasant Valley HS

This interview features Addie Royer, senior, Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf, IA.  In 2011, Addie was 11th in the Iowa State 4A Cross Country State Championships, 4000m – 14:28, the 13th best time across all divisions.


When & how did you get started in cross country, or generally in your running career?

I have always enjoyed running and did a few local road races; but started training and competing more seriously in Junior High for the school cross country team.

Person/people most influential to your success in cross country, or generally in your running career?

My parents have always been very supportive of me; as well as Coach Wheeler and Coach Hoffman. They have always believed in me.  I also have incredibly supportive teammates.

Your cross country coach(es)?

Coach Jane Wheeler, Coach Josh Hoffman, and all of the volunteers are amazing. They do so much for the team and for me, and everyone, individually. They are so knowledgeable and such great inspirations and role models.

Keys to your successful training program?

I’ve battled stress fractures in my foot; so the key is to just stay healthy. I go hard when I run and also do lots of cross training.

Why you enjoy cross country?

I love the team and running. The best is the feeling of accomplishment after a race, when you know that you gave everything that you could give and succeeded.

Your favorite cross-country meet(s)?

My favorite meet was the district meet. It was at our home course, which I really like; and there were so many people out there supporting us!  Our team got first and I got second overall!

Cross country athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?

On my own team, Maddie Reynolds and I race together and push each other. Anna Peer from Bettendorf and I compete against each other in lots of meets. She is a great runner and person.

Your greatest cross country experience in your career so far?

Our team getting third at state and getting on the wooden deck!

Goals for the 2012 cross country season?

I want and believe that our team can be the state champions. Personally I want to make All State; getting 11th last year has just motivated me this year.

Long-term goals in cross  country, or generally in your running career?

I want to run all my life, or until I’m so old that I physically can’t run anymore.


See Addie’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at http://ia.milesplit.com/athletes/2218411-addie-royer .