XC Interview – Maddie Reynolds


XC Interview -  Maddie Reynolds

This interview features Maddie Reynolds, junior, Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf.  Maddie was 10th in the 2011 State 4A Cross Country Championships with a PR 14:27.  In 2012 State Track Meet, she was 5th in the 3000m (PR – 10:23.56). 


When & how did you get started in cross country, or generally in your running career?

I first started out running road races when I was 4; but I started running more competitively when I started 7th grade for the Junior High team.

Person/people most influential to your success in cross country, or generally in your running career?

The people who are most influential to my success in cross country are Jen and Jeff Paul, because they are the main reason why I continue to love to run. They have become great mentors to me and push me to the best of my ability. They give me great advice on training and nutrition, and most importantly believe in me and support me in everything I do.

Your cross country coach(es)?

Coach Jane Wheeler, Coach Josh Hoffman, and Coach Leslie Wonderlich

Keys to your successful training program?

I think the keys to my successful training program are concentration on the little things; such as weightlifting, core, stretching, and resting when needed to make me a stronger athlete and a better competitor.  Also, I think it’s important that I trust and follow my coaches’ training plan.

Why do you enjoy cross country?

I enjoy cross country because it’s not just team orientated, it’s also individualized.  It also has helped me create some really special bonds with girls and coaches that I’ll never forget.  I also enjoy cross country because it has taught me to push through the pain and dig deep, and has helped me with the other sports I do.

Your favorite cross-country meet(s)?

 Spartan Challenge because it’s our first meet.  There is always a lot of support from the community and it’s close to home.  MAC, Regionals, and State because we work hard all season for these three important races so we can race our best.

Cross country athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?

I most enjoy competing against Anna Peer (Bettendorf HS).  We’ve become good friends over the past three years despite being very competitive and being on rival teams in the same conference.

Your greatest cross country experience in your career so far?

My greatest cross country experience in my career so far would be walking up on “the wooden deck” for All-State and placing third as a team.

Goals for the 2012 cross country season?

My goals for 2012 are helping my team win a state championship and becoming All-State for the third year in a row.

Long-term goals in cross  country, or generally in your running career?

My long term goal in running is to run at the collegiate level.  Also, to continue running in my everyday life, to have fun, and stay competitive.


Visit Maddie’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at http://ia.milesplit.com/athletes/1681147-maddie-reynolds .