Last Year's Top 4 Boys XC Teams: Who Returns?

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Take a look at the top 7 returners from last year's top boys 4 teams at the Iowa XC State Championships in Dowling Catholic, Pleasant Valley, Prairie, and Valley. How will they fare at state this year?

Team Scores

1PRAIRIE HIGH SCHOOL434+5+7+10+17 (18+20)46.5216:15.73
4) Max Laue416:00.48
5) Matt Lorenz516:02.90
7) Robert Laue716:08.16
10) Elijah Vlasek1016:20.13
17) Jack Pendergast1716:47.00
18) Mike Jasa1816:47.19
20) Colton Lagrange2016:52.30
2PLEASANT VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL513+8+9+12+19 (23+28)50.4016:19.84
3) Anthony Pena315:59.80
8) Konnor Sommer816:11.00
9) Gavin Smith916:14.10
12) Parker Huhn1216:24.10
19) Ian Kaffenberger1916:50.20
23) Andrew Witters2317:08.00
30) Collin Kuebrich2817:20.80
3VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL602+6+15+16+21 (26+27)57.3016:28.38
2) Habibu Moise215:57.70
6) Nicholas Johnson616:05.40
15) Nick Johnson1516:39.60
16) Richard Salas1616:44.20
21) Evan Armitage2116:55.00
26) Samuel Worlie2617:13.70
27) Carter Owen2717:16.20
4DOWLING CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL611+11+13+14+22 (24+25)1:16.1016:28.27
1) Matthew Carmody115:47.80
11) Kevin Conner1116:22.00
13) Sam Hall1316:29.56
14) Will Ode1416:38.10
22) Duncan Kyhl2217:03.90
24) Zach Fry2417:11.00
25) Niall Moore2517:11.80


1Matthew Carmody2018Dowling Catholic High School15:47.80 1
2Habibu Moise2018Valley High School15:57.70 2
3Anthony Pena2018Pleasant Valley High School15:59.80 3
4Max Laue2018Prairie High School16:00.48 4
5Matt Lorenz2018Prairie High School16:02.90 5
6Nicholas Johnson2018Valley High School16:05.40 6
7Robert Laue2018Prairie High School16:08.16 7
8Konnor Sommer2018Pleasant Valley High School16:11.00 8
9Gavin Smith2019Pleasant Valley High School16:14.10 9
10Elijah Vlasek2018Prairie High School16:20.13 10
11Kevin Conner2019Dowling Catholic High School16:22.00 11
12Parker Huhn2019Pleasant Valley High School16:24.10 12
13Sam Hall2020Dowling Catholic High School16:29.56 13
14Will Ode2020Dowling Catholic High School16:38.10 14
15Nick Johnson2018Valley High School16:39.60 15
16Richard Salas2019Valley High School16:44.20 16
17Jack Pendergast2020Prairie High School16:47.00 17
18Mike Jasa2018Prairie High School16:47.19 18
19Ian Kaffenberger2019Pleasant Valley High School16:50.20 19
20Colton Lagrange2019Prairie High School16:52.30 20
21Evan Armitage2019Valley High School16:55.00 21
22Duncan Kyhl2018Dowling Catholic High School17:03.90 22
23Andrew Witters2018Pleasant Valley High School17:08.00 23
24Zach Fry2020Dowling Catholic High School17:11.00 24
25Niall Moore2018Dowling Catholic High School17:11.80 25
26Samuel Worlie2018Valley High School17:13.70 26
27Carter Owen2020Valley High School17:16.20 27
28Chandler Frieden2018Prairie High School17:19.76 --
29Matthew Bishop2018Dowling Catholic High School17:20.10 --
30Collin Kuebrich2018Pleasant Valley High School17:20.80 28