Athlete Interview - Derek Jones, Glenwood HS

Athlete Interview
Derek Jones, senior, Glenwood HS
PR’s:  400m – 49.69, 400mLH – 52.98

(photo from Omaha World Herald Prep Zone)



1.      When & how did you get started in track & field?

I got started as a kid going to our elementary school's "Olympic Day".  I also attended a couple Hershey Track Meets.

2.      Person/people most influential to your success in track & field?

My parents, coaches, and teammates are all equally influential to my success. 

3.      Your favorite track & field event(s)?

400 hurdles definitely.

4.      Your track & field event coach(es)?

Mark Starner and Brian Albert 

5.       Keys to your successful track & field training program?

Cross-training (playing football & basketball) as well as working with a hurdler throughout the summer (Mike Godbout).

6.      Your favorite track & field meet(s)? 

The Drake Relays and State Track Meet have to be everyone's favorites.  However, besides that, I like running at home meets. 

7.      Track & field athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?


8.      Most memorable experience in track & field so far?

Winning the team championship my sophomore year.

9.      Greatest accomplishment(s) in track & field so far?

Being able to contribute in winning the team championship my sophomore year, and running the 400 hurdles at Drake.

10. Goals for the 2013 track & field season?

Enjoy it, stay injury free, and improve.

11. If a senior, college/university you will attend, or schools you are considering?

I will be attending Iowa State University next fall.

       12.  Long-term goals in track & field? 

Run sub 50 seconds in the 400 hurdles, and compete at the NCAA Track and Field Championships.



See Derek’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at .