Tim Sindt Outkicks Matthew Carmody for State Title

The 4A Boys race at the State meet came down to the last few steps in an exciting battle between Tim Sindt of Ankeny and Matthew Carmody of Dowling Catholic. Let's take a look at the play-by-play for how the race went down and how Sindt took the win over Carmody in the end.

Tim got out well in the front portion of the race from the get-go, but was still conservative to not get out too hard and be gassed early on. By the 400-meter mark, Tim had worked up to the front leading a large, competitive pack of boys including Carmody, Camden Cox, Konnor Sommer, and Merga Gameda.

Throughout the first half of the race, Tim and Matthew led a large pack of boys with confidence up front. Through the first 2K it was unclear to spectators who would take the win, a stark contrast to the 4A girls race and many of the other races of the day where the winner pulled away early on in the race.

Within the second half of the race the pair pulled away from the rest of the field and ran neck and neck, leaving spectators wondering when one might make a move and pull away. 
Coming down to the finish, Tim started to pull away from Carmody for the lead. The two had a sizable gap on the rest of the field leaving the win to surely be taken by one of them. 

With 200-meters to go, Tim looked like he was solidifying his win, but Carmody wasn't giving up yet. The crowd was deafening while the two battled it out, while Sindt started to gain a few steps over Carmody.

Though Carmody dug deep for a final push for the win, Tim ended up holding on to the lead and winning over Carmody by 1 second in 15:23. This race was the closest one of the day, making for an exciting event for spectators, teammates, and coaches alike. The two managed to develop a gap of over 10-seconds to the next finisher, while the rest of the top five was more spread out. Camden Cox was the 3rd place finisher in 15:36 ahead of Konnor Sommer who finished 4th in 15:42. The battle for 5th was another exciting fight between Merga Gameda and Addison Kalb who both finished in 15:47, separated by 3/10 of a second.

Sindt was the only junior in the top 5, with the rest being seniors. It is clear that if he continues to train well over the course of this year and has a healthy track season, Sindt could come back next year and be a favorite for the win once again. 

(Photos all courtesy of Michele Poss - check out the full album here!)