Don't Miss NCAA Regionals with This Permission Slip!

The NCAA Regional meet in Ames is a great location for Iowans, being in the central part of the state at the beautiful Iowa State Cross Country course. We know what you're thinking... 'there's no way I can go, it's on a Friday morning!' Well fear not, we have come to your rescue! Take this permission slip to your boss, your spouse, your teachers, your parents, whomever it is you need to ensure you are able to experience this awesome meet!

Dear (insert name here),

Please excuse (insert your name here) for half a day of (work/classes/all responsibilities) on Friday 11/10/2017 due to the NCAA Regional Cross Country meet in Ames, Iowa.

While we at Iowa MileSplit are certainly big fans of (school/work), the NCAA Regional meet is a great opportunity to witness history in the making! We hope you understand the need for great representation of Iowans at the race to show the rest of the Midwest just how great Iowa sports fans truly are.


Iowa MileSplit Webmaster

*Note: This permission slip is for fun- please do not hold us responsible if your boss/teachers/family do not allow you to go despite this fantastic excuse.