Stocking Stuffers for Your Runner

When it comes to stocking stuffers, every runner has certain items they can use. Here's a quick and easy guide to some products from Hearltand Soles in the Des Moines area that the runner in your life might love to get from Santa in their stocking this year!

Phone Holders/Storage Pack

Whether they're stuck on the treadmill inside or braving the winter weather, a carrier for their phone is perfect! Not only can they rock out to their favorite tunes, but they can also have a phone handy in case of a fall on the ice or just for some peace of mind. While the arm band is a favorite among many, the waist belt is nice for keeping the phone warm against the body, ensuring it won't shut off from cold. 

Running Socks

A runner can never have too many socks! Feetures! truly are the ultimate running sock. With the exceptional arch support, slip-resistant heel pad, and sweat-wicking material, these are a great stocking stuffer for every runner to use year-round. 

Anti-Chafing Balm

Though the winter weather greatly decreases chafing problems, it can always pop up in the most uncomfortable times and is never fun to deal with. Body Glide is a much better option that slapping on some petroleum jelly because it is sweat resistant, has Vitamin E to help soothe, and doesn't leave a greasy mark on clothing. 

A Great Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for runners because it holds an entire liter and is a great reminder to continue hydrating throughout the day! Of course, there are also great options for waist packs, handhelds, and temperature controlled water bottles as well! 

Shoe Goo

Shoe goo is perfect for adding a little bit of traction on the bottom of a shoe that is starting to wear out. If it isn't quite time for a new pair, this can help increase the tread on the bottom and help the shoe last a bit longer and get better grip on wintery surfaces. Plus, if you have any tears in your snow boots, jackets, or have lost the aglet on a pair of laces, this will do the trick perfectly!


Yaktrax are a perfect accessory for that runner who braves even the most intense winter weather. With a lighter weight walking option for fluffy snow, or the heavier run option for ice, the runner in your life can count on these to keep them upright and moving in even the harshest conditions. 

Since Christmas is just a few days away, be sure to hit your local running shop to pick some of these great items out before it's too late!