Your Guide to Spikes

Track season is quickly approaching, which means it'll be time to race before you know it! Spikes can make a huge difference in your performance and can help you tackle those big PRs! We are going to give you 4 tips to make sure you get the right spikes on your feet.

1) Determine The Event you will Compete In

There are many different events and many different types of spikes to meet your needs. Make sure you know what events you will be competing in so you will buy the correct type of spike you will need. Having the correct type of spike will help you stay injury free and have the best results as possible.

2) Shop Local

Go to a local running store to make sure that you have the correct shoe for you. They have a lot of experience and help support the local running community. They will also take their time to make sure you are getting the correct spike for your event choices. Below are stores we recommend that are local to Iowa and not a corporate chain.

Cedar Falls: Runners Flat -

15% off for high school athletes on spikes

Cedar Rapids: Iowa Running Company -

10% off for high school athletes on spikes. Coaches can get additional discount for team spike nights.

Davenport: Running Wild -

20% off spikes for high school athletes 

Des Moines: Heartland Soles Running and Walking Store -

10% off spikes and 5% of the sales are donated back to the team. They will be opening a second location in Iowa City in March.

3) Don't over tighten your spikes

When inserting the metal spikes with the spike wrench you want to turn them until they get snug. Do not continue to turn the wrench or it can damage the spike and cause it to be blunt. It will also damage the wrench and make it less effective if you need to change out spikes.

4) Break them In

Before you race, it is best to do some strides or short sprints to get used to how they feel and to break in the shoe. It will help with your body recover better after the race and make sure you do not run into any problems during race day.