Kerris Roberts Sets Eyes on Breaking 24

When looking at Kerris Roberts MileSplit profile from the 2017 track season, the page is flooded with 1st place finishes. In fact, Roberts went undefeated in both the 100 and 200 throughout her sophomore season. She returns this year for Waterloo East as a junior and will most definitely be the favorite to defend her Drake Relays and Iowa State High School Championships titles. Read on to find out how she has been preparing for this season and the goals she has set for this year. Plus check out an interview with Kerris after her 200M win at State last year.

How did your training over the winter months go?
Because I play basketball during the winter I don't participate in a whole lot of winter training. I try to really focus in and give my all to whichever sport I'm participating in at the time. I owe it to my teammates and coaches to be dialed in.

What does a typical week of training look like for you?
Say we have a meet on Tuesday. We'll have a pre meet practice on Monday with a hard but not overly hard work out especially designed to help us with whatever we'll be running the next day. We'll more than likely lift after practice as well. Wednesday we'll have a sort of "day after" practice where we recover from the night before and the work out won't be as intense, say a few repeat 200's with some technique stuff or something like that. Thursday is the day that'll kill us. What we do varies but this is definitely the hardest day of the week. Friday's will sometimes be a repeat of the day before only not quite as bad. Every once in a while if we're lucky we jog to the nearest Dairy Queen for a treat after practice. We lift at least 2-3 times a week and do little things like core and leg  strength building every day. 

You're coming in as one of the top ranked individuals in many of the shorter events.. does that pressure motivate you or scare you?
I definitely use it as motivation. On those days where I might want to give up or don't feel 100% into the workout I remember that there's someone training right now to take my spot and that pushes me to work even harder. Someone once told me it's easier to get on top than to stay on top and I remind myseld of tha often. 

What does generally motivate you?
Once you've felt what it's like to win especially at the state level you know that that's a feeling you don't want to lose. If you want to continuously have that feeling then you know have to work hard. Not only that but just knowing that this isn't just an individual sport, that there's a team depending on me to work hard and try my best. 

What would you credit for your success in track and field?
God. Nothing that I do or have done would be possible without every opportunity and ability He's blessed me with. 

When did you begin competing in track and what made you interested in it?
I ran in middle school mostly just to do something. I'm honestly not sure what made me interested haha. 

Who most inspires you in running?
I don't necessarily have one person who inspires me. I remember watching the Rio Olympics and seeing Allyson Felix and Tori Bowie and all of those women participating in and dominating their relays and individual events and thinking to myself like "Hey, that could be me one day". 

What are your hopes for this upcoming season?
I plan to defend my Drake and state titles for sure. I hope to drop my 200 time under 24 seconds and hopefully run an 11.6 flat at some point in time for the 100. I want to expand my abilities and be able to actually compete in a 400 but we'll see about that one haha.  

What are your hopes for the rest of your running career?
I just want to get better and better every year. I pray I remain healthy or at least without any major injuries. I want to be able to help myself and my team as much as I can  God willing I'll participate and compete well in college as well and maybe one day go to the Olympics myself.