Rain Outs Lead Teams to Marshalltown

After dozens of rained out meets the past two weeks, many teams have diverted to the Bobcat XC Invitational in Marshalltown and the Luther All-American Invitational to get in a race as soon as possible. Below you can see, based on this season's PR's so far, where the top 25 individuals would land as well as team scores using our Virtual Meets generator. 

Top 25 Boys

Boys Team Scores
1Dowling Catholic High School773+5+15+26+28 (52+55)53.8016:54.70
2Ankeny Centennial HS100.52+6+16+37.5+39 (48.5+65)1:19.0016:57.40
3Ankeny High School1081+13.5+20+29+44.5 (51+60)2:10.0016:51.20
4Dubuque Hempstead High School1159+17+24+32+33 (37.5+47)38.4017:10.14
5Waukee High School124.57+23+25+34+35.5 (40+44.5)47.0017:13.20
6Valley High School142.58+18+31+35.5+50 (56+64)56.0017:15.20
7Ames High School17310+19+42+43+59 (67+68)1:06.0017:23.64
8Des Moines Roosevelt High School230.522+41+48.5+57+62 (71+74.5)50.0017:40.20
9Mason City High School25212+27+66+70+77 (78+79)1:33.2017:47.20
10Cedar Falls High School27111+46+54+76+84 (85+87)1:43.0017:51.20
11Urbandale High School29613.5+30+53+94.5+105 (106+108)2:37.0018:04.90
12Southeast Polk High School318.521+62+72+74.5+89 (99+100)1:47.0018:05.20
13Iowa City West High School3314+58+88+90+91 (92+107)2:13.5018:11.26
14Dike-New Hartford High School441.562+73+81+101.5+124 (126+129.5)2:22.0018:53.60
15Marshalltown High School47582+93+94.5+96+109.5 (109.5+112)1:05.0018:59.00
16East Marshall High School52269+80+114+128+131 (132+133)2:36.0319:37.78
17Johnston High School53583+103+115+116+118 (119+123)1:32.5019:35.02
18Waterloo West High School54097.5+101.5+104+117+120 (125+127)1:14.0019:34.80
19BCLUW High School575.586+111+113+129.5+136 (137+140)3:46.0020:17.80
20South Tama County High School609.597.5+121+122+134+135 (138+139)3:00.0020:38.80
--Fort Dodge High SchoolNTS------
--Pleasant Valley High SchoolNTS------
--Waterloo East High SchoolNTS------
*Teams that do not have any results in the MileSplit database do not have scores as there are no PR's to use for individuals*

It will certainly be a great team battle to see Dowling, Ankeny Centennial, Ankeny, Hempstead, Waukee, and Valley all vying for those top spots. Lead by Tim Sindt, Ankeny will certainly look knock their hometown rival out to get in those top two spots, with Will Ode and Cole Schroeder leading the Maroons do their desired victory.

On the girls' side, it looks as though Johnston will assert their dominance on the field, finishing with 39.5 points based on their current season bests. Teams looking to dethrone the Dragons will include Dowling Catholic, who finished well against them at the Ankeny Centennial meet last month, as well as Valley and Waukee. 

Top 25 Girls
Girls Team Scores
1Johnston High School39.52+7+9+10+11.5 (17+38)57.0019:38.20
2Dowling Catholic High School703+5+14+21+27 (29.5+29.5)1:21.0019:52.60
3Valley High School1084+23+24.5+24.5+32 (40+49)1:15.0020:14.00
4Waukee High School131.58+11.5+18+41+53 (67+68)1:38.0020:22.60
5Ankeny Centennial HS13313+19+32+32+37 (39+47)40.0020:23.00
6Iowa City West High School1621+22+34+36+69 (76+81)2:52.2020:26.28
7Des Moines Roosevelt High School22628+43+44+55+56 (58+62)48.9020:59.20
8Urbandale High School23920+46+51+52+70 (83.5+87)1:31.5021:06.48
9Pleasant Valley High School25316+48+54+63+72 (94+97)1:48.3021:10.98
10Mason City High School29126+50+64+66+85 (96+100)1:54.9021:27.86
11Dubuque Hempstead High School31142+57+59+60+93 (101+103)1:50.8021:33.06
12Cedar Falls High School328.535+61+71+78+83.5 (86+95)1:46.0021:41.38
13Ankeny High School33245+65+73+74+75 (79+91)1:01.0021:40.60
14Dike-New Hartford High School38215+88+89+92+98 (111+121)3:13.0022:09.80
15Ames High School3826+82+90+99+105 (106+109)4:22.5022:17.38
16Marshalltown High School54380+110+116+118+119 (135+136)2:36.0024:06.80
17East Marshall High School570102+107+112+122+127 (130+132)1:54.3524:26.11
18Waterloo East High School586104+115+120+123+124 (128+134)1:22.0024:39.20
19South Tama County High School60277+117+129+139+140 (142)6:35.0025:46.20
20Waterloo West High School611108+113+126+131+133 (137+138)1:46.0025:02.20
21BCLUW High School667114+125+141+143+14411:05.0030:01.60
--Fort Dodge High SchoolNTS------
--Southeast Polk High SchoolNTS------
*Teams that do not have any results in the MileSplit database do not have scores as there are no PR's to use for individuals*