After we receive and post meet results, our software reduces those results down to specific meet-division-event-athlete-time data lines; which are then placed in our huge IOWATFXC.COM (and national MILESPLIT.COM) database.  From that database, you can derive:


A.  Athlete Statistics -  Every athlete’s performance(s) from each meet is automatically added to that athlete’s page in IOWATFXC.COM; and if appropriate, is computed to season’s bests (SB) and/or personal records (PR).  See Lauren Benzing’s (Solon) statistics page at as an example.


B.     Team Statistics -  As teams participate in meets (from which results are received and compiled), IOWATFXC.COM adds the following to each team’s page:


B1.  Under “Schedule”, a listing of the meets and links to the meet results.

B2.  Under “Season Bests”, listing of each team member’s season’s best in each event.

B3.  Under “Records”, the school records in each T&F/XC event. 


As an example, go to the Prairie (Cedar Rapids) page at and click on Schedule, Season Bests, and Records.


C.  Meet Statistics -  If a meet has been held under the same name more than one year and results were received & compiled, on the team page and under Meet History will be links to results of each year’s meet, the ability to compare results to previous years, meet records, and every performance of every athlete across meets.


As an example, go to the Gilbert XC Invitational 8/25/11 page at .  Go to Meet History and click on the meet dates under This Series for prior meet results, click on Compare to compare the 2010 results with 2011, and click on the division under Meet Records for the respective record.  When taken to the national website for the meet record, click on the record and see every event performance in history in that meet.  Note -  IOWATFXC.COM has only been in existence since July 2010, so the historical database is yet limited.


D.  Rankings -  Available are athlete and team rankings by year and season (XC, indoor, outdoor), and within a league, division, state, and nationally.  Click on Stats (or go to ) for the beginning menu.


D1.  Individual Rankings, T&F/XC -  Click on “XC Individual Rankings”, “Indoor T&F Rankings”, or “Outdoor T&F Rankings” to open the broader menu.  Then select which Gender (F, M), Season (CC, In, Out), Level (HS, only significant database), Year (2011, …), Locale (IA; USA; More, for other states), …  Then click on the respective event to open all rankings (again, from meet results received and compiled).  For rankings within a Conference or Division (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A), click on the respective option under the League drop-down.

D2.  Team Rankings, XC -  Under Stats, click on “XC Team Rankings”.  Opened will be State team rankings for the indicated Gender and Year; based on the best times of team members from meet results received and compiled.   For Conference, Division, etc. rankings click on Show Advanced Parameters, select from the respective drop-downs, and click on Refine.


E.  Virtual Meets -  Based on best performances in events from meet results received and compiled, you can run virtual competitions between any two or more Iowa teams.  Under Stats, choose Virtual Meets, the desired Virtual Meets Settings [gender, season, level, year, league (conference, division)], teams from the Team List, and click View Results.