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We assume that all 2012 Iowa high school track & field meets (beyond duals) are now accurately posted on IOWATFXC.COM at Calendar > Indoor/Outdoor Track > 2012.  If not, please submit the name of the meet, location, and date to; and it will be added/revised.



IOWATFXC.COM will publish the results of each meet ASAP after the meet is completed.  But of course, we have to receive the results first.  Meet managers, coaches, or others -  please email your results to us at ASAP upon completion of the meet.



When meet results are received by IOWATFXC.COM, they are uploaded to the website and presented at Coverage > Meet Results > Cross Country > 2011 > (meet) OR Calendar > Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field > 2012 > (meet).

If the results are received in compilable format, they are also compiled to meet, division-event, place-athlete-team-time/distance data lines in our huge results database.  From that database, athlete-team-conference-division-state-national statistics & rankings may be automatically generated and viewed.



If you’re using HyTek or RaceTab to manage your meets, please attach the results file to an email to us in HTML format.  Other formats require conversions event by event to RaceTab before compiling, which demands more time than we can afford.  We did it in XC because there were generally only two events per meet.  If you can’t send  in HyTek or RaceTab HTML format, send results regardless of format, but don’t expect the individual performances to show up in athlete-team-conference-division-state-national statistics & rankings.



In IOWATFXC.COM, go to Team > (your team) > Season’s Best > Indoor/Outdoor TF > 2012 to see an example of your team’s automatically generated statistics.  Click on any athlete on your Roster to see his/her stats.



For athlete rankings, go to Stats > Indoor/Outdoor T&F Rankings > High School Girls/Boys > (select desired options:  e.g. – Gender; Locale – IA, national; League – conference/division) > (event).  To go back to the event leaders, select Leaders from the Events list.