I. Log on to the internet.
II. Enter “” (or “”) in the address bar of your browser.
III. Click on the Teams tab and List Of Schools.
IV. Click on your school name to go to your school page. Your school page will serve all T&F/XC teams at your  school. Some information will already be included for your school from other sources (e.g., entered by the Ia.MileSplit webmaster, entered by a previous coach/administrator at your school, athletes representing your school in previously included meets - Drake Relays, State meets, etc.). Anyone on the internet is able to access this information.
V. To add/revise information on your School page, you first need to:
A. As coach, assume the responsibility for “administering” your webpage OR assign someone else (e.g., other T&F/XC coach, parent, manager, athlete) to “administer” your school page. It’s essential that the assigned “administrator” be knowledgeable about your team(s) and basic computer procedures, and motivated to making your webpage the best in the state!!  If/when your “administrator” is assigned:
B. On your school page, click on the “Claim this team” box.
C. You and/or your administrator will need to obtain a MileSplit account (it’s free). On the Login To MileSplit page
under Don’t Have An Account, click on Sign Up For One Now.
D. In the Register For A MileSplit Account, enter a User Name and your Email Address, your Personal Information, answer to a Security Question, and Privacy Settings. Click on Complete Registration. Your initial Password will be sent to you by email, which you’ll then be able to change.
E. After obtaining a User Name and Password, you (and/or your administrator) may at any time go to Teams, Claim Your Team, and Log In To MileSplit.
F. The first time you do that, you must sign up the Coach and Team Administrator (if different). When completed, that request will be submitted to Ia.MileSplit for verification and approval (for security purposes). When approved, you and/or your administrator may log in and begin adding and/or revising information on your School page.
VI. To log in to the Administration page to edit your webpage, again (from the beginning) - go to “” > Teams > List Of Schools > (your school) > Claim Your School (or directly to Team Administration, if already logged in) > Log In > Team Administration Mode. Under Edit Team, add or revise information as appropriate, but please follow instructions. Some included information is essential; revising or deleting may create problems. Adding other information is optional.
A. Upload Logo - Reduce a GIF, JPEG, or PNG file of your school/athletic-dept/team logo to 150 X 150 pixels and save. Browse and insert the source and filename in the Upload Logo box, and click Tab.
B. Name - The assigned school name is from the IHSAA/IGHSAA lists. Please do not change the “Name” unless it is miss-spelled or not the correct name of your school.
C. Abbreviation - You may not change the Abbreviation. It is not viewed on your website. This is assigned and may only be changed by the Ia.MileSplit webmaster.
D. Mascot - If not accurate as is, enter your school/athletic-department/team mascot; e.g., “Tigers”.
E. Color (text) - If not accurate as is, enter your school colors; e.g., “Red, White, Blue”.
F. Web Color - This is to color your web page in your school colors (2 max); using HTML hexadecimal (base 16) codes for various colors. Enter hex codes between #000000 (black) and #ffffff (white). Use, or resource another color-code chart, for your school colors & codes.
G. Address - Mailing address (street or PO box) of your school.
H. City - City associated with the mailing address of school.
I. Zip -   Zip Code of school.
J. County - If correct county is not already included, use the drop down list to add/change it.
K. Phone - Phone of coach or administrator. Include only if you want to be available to be contacted relating to your webpage.
L. Fax - Fax. Include only if you want information relating to your webpage sent to you/administrator by fax.
M. Homepage - Enter the complete web address if you have your own team website, or webpage under another website (e.g., athletic department, school, booster club).
N. About Our Team - Information which you can update describing your team, schedule, team prospects, records, announcements, etc.. You may cut/copy/paste info from other sources, reformat it, and add images & links.
O. When finished editing your webpage, click Save Changes.
P. MileSplit software will add relevant information to your webpage as available. For example, when you compete in a meet for which results (in proper format) are included in Ia.MileSplit, your athletes’ results will be sent to your team webpage, each athlete’s subweb, and included in your team statistics. That’s why you may already have some athletes, results, and statistics in your page.
Q. Once you’ve edited your School information, you can add - athletes to your roster, alumni, coaches, your schedule, results, news/announcements, and guest book by clicking the respective links on your Team Administration page. If you want to get really deep, you can even add previous years’ athletes, meets, and results and let MileSplit generate your school records and performance lists, overall and by year & class.
R. Critical changes (adding athletes, coaches/administrators, meets, results) will be submitted to the Ia.MileSplit webmaster for verification and approval. Approval of changes will be routine unless obviously inappropriate material or informational inconsistencies/errors. Upon approval, your changes will be made to your webpage, and the Ia.MileSplit website if relevant.
VII. Adding and editing athlete information. As you approach the next XC or T&F competition season, add and edit athlete information in your roster.
A. In the Team Administration Mode, click on Roster to go to the Edit Roster Page.
B. Despite what is implied in the page, do NOT Delete or Move To Inactive any listed athlete. If an athlete is no longer on the team, leave them on your roster (because of prior statistical information to be retained in the Ia.MileSplit database).  If the graduation year is included with an athlete's information, that athlete will be automatically moved to "Alumni" at the end of the respective summer of graduation.
C. If an athlete is listed more than once on your roster, do NOT Delete or Move To Inactive a listing. They are that way because they were added because of their inclusion in non-compatible results for more than one meet. If you Delete a listing, you will lose the included results. Send an email to the webmaster ( describing the multiple listing (school and athlete), and he will merge that athlete’s data into one.
D. Adding athletes to you roster - Click on Add Athlete and enter at least the First Name, Last Name, Gender, and High School Class; then click on Edit Athlete and Back To Active Roster. Use the First and Last names consistent with what will be used when entering that athlete in meets. The Photo, Nickname, Specialty, and Athletic Honors will appear on the Athlete’s webpage but are not required for athlete and team statistics.
E. Editing athlete information:
1. To edit the profile information on a listed athlete, click on the athlete’s name. Do not change the athlete’s First and Last Name unless miss-spelled or incorrect; but make sure that the High School Class is included and correct. Again, adding the Photo, Nickname, Specialty, and Athletic Honors is optional.
2. To add/remove an athlete to/from XC and/TF, check the box next to the name and click on Add To XC, Remove From XC, Add To TF, or Remove From TF.

F. Each athlete’s profile information entered is available to anyone on the internet by going to “”, Teams, and clicking on the respective School and Athlete. So make sure that included information beyond First Name, Last Name, Gender, and Graduation Year is appropriate for security purposes. Get parental permission if any question.