MileSplit XC Rankings, By Times

We now have sufficient Iowa XC meet results in the MileSplit database to make the MileSplit "Rankings" meaningful, or at least interesting!!!  From results received to date, every team and athlete is included.

When we at IOWATFXC.COM receive results from Iowa HS XC meets (and later from T&F meets), we enter each varsity athlete's performance (event, name, team, time) into the MileSplit national database.  From that database, MileSplit software automatically ranks every athlete and team in Iowa, and in the U.S.

Of course, if we don't receive results from a given meet or receive incomplete results, those athletes/teams are not included.  This emphasizes the importance that we receive COMPLETE results from ALL meets.  Many thanks to the increasing number of coaches and meet directors who are emailing results directly.  A special thanks to the IATC and websites for their contributions.

Interpreting the MileSplit rankings:
1.  "All XC times are not created equally." -  XC times depend on the difficulty & true length of a course, and varying weather and course conditions.  Times achieved on questionable length (i.e., short) courses are not submitted.  So rankings based on those times should be interpreted accordingly.
2.  As was the case in Iowa before 2010, some states do not yet have a designated MileSplit webmaster.  Therefore, performances from those states are not included in the national rankings.

How to Access the MileSplit Rankings:
1.  Within IOWATFXC.COM  (or IA.MILESPLIT.COM), click on "Rankings".
2.  Select from among "HS Girls Individuals", "HS Boys Individuals", "HS Girls Teams", or "HS Boys Teams".
3.  Depending on which selected, a page will open with those rankings; that will include the best performances of every Iowa runner in that category from meet results received.
4.  If Individuals rankings selected, to view rankings from other categories, click on the respective options (e.g., gender, event). 
     A.  To see rankings within a league or division, click on League and select from the drop-down.  Because leagues and divisions were set up to accommodate T&F as well as XC, combined and mixed division teams may not be accurately placed.  Let us know if your team is in the wrong league or division.
     B.  Rankings by Grade are not complete because we often get results without the grades of the athletes.
     C.  Returners gets you who will not be graduating in 2011.
     D.  If you click on USA, you will be taken to the national website to view the national rankings that include Iowa runners.  You will have to return to IOWATFXC.COM to see further Iowa rankings.

Lesson  -  If you want to be ranked high on these Rankings, run fast on fast courses in good conditions!!!

Feedback -  If you find errors in the performances listed, email - .

Comments -  If you want to comment/blog publicly on these rankings, or any other XC/T&F topic, start or add to a forum topic at Forum Posts.