A.D. Dickinson Iowa HS Indoor Track & Field Meet (Girls) 2011

Cedar Falls, IA

Meet Information

Girls A.D. Dickinson Iowa High School Indoor Track and Field Meet
March 22, 2011
The Midwests Premier High School Indoor Track Meet
Host: University of Northern Iowa
Competition Dates: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 11:00am Start Time
Meet Director: Dan OMara
Rules: IHSAA rules will govern all events.
Venue: The UNI-DOME track is one of the fastest 200 meter flat tracks in the United States (8 x 42 lanes). The track,
long jump and high jump surfaces are polyurethane. The shot put circle is wood. Starting blocks will be furnished. No
spikes longer than or 9mm will be permitted. Please bring your own batons, towels, spikes, and throwing implements.
Entry Fee: $150 maximum per team (boys and girls separate)
$20 per athlete
$20 per relay
Cash or check will be accepted. Make checks out to: UNI Athletics Iowa HS Indoor Championships.
We MUST (because of NCAA regulations) have the entry fee in our possession prior to your athletes competing.
Checks can be mailed prior to the meet. Send to: Mindy Noble, North Dome Offices UNI Dome, Cedar Falls, IA
50614-0310. Please bring meet entry fee with you to the meet if you dont mail it.
Entries: *Note: There will be event standards for selected events*
Individual events: HJ, LJ, SP, 60m dash, 60m hurdles, 3000m Invitational, 1500m Invitational, 400m,
200m, 800m
You may enter two athletes in all individual events.
Relays: (4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m)
You may enter one team in each relay.
There will be minimum measurements or entry standards for the following events:
Long Jump: Minimum distance measured 170
High Jump: Starting height 48
3000 meter Invitational: Top 16 entries
1500 meter Invitational: Top 28 entries
400 meter: 20 sections of eight. Top four sections provided starting blocks
200 meter: 20 sections of eight. Top four sections provided starting blocks
800 meter: 10 sections of 14 competitors
On-line Entry: Entry for all athletes will be done on-line. This is an easy system to use. We have used it the past few
1. Click on the following link: http://www.aspimeetz.com/13971
2. Fill out all team information. You must create a team abbreviation and must create a username
and password in order to get back into the system. Your abbreviation can not be the same as
*New and Improved 2011 Schedule!*
You have spoken and we have listened. This years Dickinson Relays will end at a reasonable hour.
We have made a number of efficiency improvements while maintaining the integrity of the meet.
another team already signed up. (Meet Administration will monitor this and notify you if a
change is necessary).
3. Use current 100m dash/110m hurdle times for the 60m dash/hurdle entry
times. DO NOT use 60m times.
4. Use English (feet and inches) for the field event entry marks.
5. BE REALISTIC. We would like you to use 2010 outdoor best times or use times you have run
at the time of this meet. If you enter a mark that is determined to be unrealistic your team will
be moved at our discretion.
Entry Period: You may enter your team, add/subtract/make changes athletes and relays during this period. Do not
select Declare during this period unless you are absolutely sure your line-up is final. After this
deadline passes you may not enter your team unless you receive permission from the meet director.
Begins Thursday, February 17th at 12:00pm
Ends Wednesday, March 16th at 12:00pm
Declaration Deadline: Ends Wednesday, March 16th at 12:00pm. You may continue to make
changes/additions/scratches until the date/time listed above. You must Declare your team
prior to this deadline or your team/individuals/relays will be dropped from the meet.
Heat Sheet Posting: All heat sheets will be posted on Thursday, March 17th at 7:00pm. Sheets will be made
available on www.unipanthers.com
Seeding: All running events will be decided by running Sections against time. All sections will be run from
Scratches: We will not be taking scratches this year. We will only attempt to change heats or flights if less than
three competitors check-in with the clerk.
Changes/Substitution: (Ex. If replacing Jane Doe with Lisa Smith, please tell Lisa that she will check-in under Janes
name and assume her heat/lane/flight assignment).
Awards/Scoring: Top six (3) individual and relays will be awarded medals. No team scores will be kept.
Field Events: Starting heights and other information
Girls High Jump starting height 4 8
Two pits will be used if necessary.
Long Jump - Flights will be seeded with the top jumpers in the final flight. All jumpers will be given
three preliminary jumps. Minimum Distance 14 feet. The top nine (9) performers from the prelims will
advance to the finals.
Shot Put - Flights will be seeded with the top throwers in the final flight. All throwers will be given three
preliminary throws. The top nine (9) performers from the prelims will advance to the finals. Two circles
may be used in the preliminary rounds if necessary.
Dickinson Girls Indoor State Meet Tuesday, March 22nd.
Order of Events:
11:00am High Jump
11:00am Long Jump (Minimum distance measured 14)
11:00am Shot Put
11:00am 3000m Invitational (Top 16 entries)
4x200m relay
4x800m relay
60m hurdles prelims (top 16 advance to finals)
60m dash prelims (top 16 advance to finals)
1500m Invitational (Top 28 entries)
400m dash (20 sections of eight. Top 4 sections provided blocks
60m hurdle final (two heat final-slow to fast)
60m dash final (two heat final-slow to fast)
200m dash (20 sections of eight Top 4 sections provided blocks
800m run (10 sections of 14 competitors only)
4x400m relay
*A final time schedule will be released after all entries have been declared.
*Remember--if we get ahead of schedule during the meet we will stay ahead.
If you have any questions please email: daniel.omara@uni.edu .