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Results > Statistics > Rankings



To be included in IOWATFXC.COM’s meet results, we first must receive the results.  Meet managers, coaches, athletes, families, and fans -  don’t depend on others to send your meet results to us.  If you have access to the meet results, whether you host or attend the meet, either send as an attachment in an email or the link to the results if posted elsewhere, to


The format in which we receive results is important in how they appear in IOWATFXC.COM, and whether MileSplit software can compile and automatically convert them to your athlete-team-conference-division-state-national statistics and rankings.  Formats:

- Hytek HTML version -  will publish in great format; compilable for statistics & rankings purposes
- HyTek PDF version, spreadsheet (e.g., Excel, Aspi Meetz), -  can publish, but usually in altered format; can’t compile for statistics and rankings
Scanned in PDF’s from paper results, regardless of format; these are “photos” which don’t translate; can’t publish or compile

As an example of the differences in how results appear in IOWATFXC.COM based on the formats in which they are received -  in IOWATFXC.COM, go to Coverage > Meet Results, Outdoor Track & Field > 2013-04-04 > Harlan Koos Relays; or go directly to .  Click on the Results respectively from ASPI MEETZ and HYTEK PDF formats, then from HYTEK HTML format.  Only the results from the HYTEK HTML format could be compiled for statistics and ranking purposes.


Once a meet results are received in HYTEK HTML format, they are “compiled” (i.e., placed as individual meet-division-event-place-athlete-team-time/distance data lines in our huge IOWATFXC.COM/MILESPLIT.COM database) and made available for automatically generated statistics and rankings.


Team Statistics -  For examples of your team’s “statistics”, go to Teams > (your team).  Click on Season Bests, Relay, and/or Records for information from all meet results received in compilable format.

Athlete statistics -  Under your team, select any athlete on the Roster, and see the results in every event from every meet (from results received in compilable format) in which that athlete participated, plus computed Personal Bests.

If desired, following up on the Harlan Koos Relays example under Format of Results, within Teams select Harlan HS (or any other team participating in that meet) to see their Season Bests including for the Koos Relays, and select any participating athlete to see that the Koos Relays performances are included in their statistics.


For examples of “rankings”, go to Stats > Outdoor T&F Rankings > High School Girls > [select Gender (F), Season (Outdoor), Level (HS), Year (’13), Locale (IA), Grade (All), and desired Event].  Included will be the “rankings” of every Iowa athlete competing in that event during the outdoor 2013 season; from every meet for which results were received in compilable format!

For other rankings, select among the different Gender, Season, Level, Year, Locale (e.g., national), Grade, etc.  For conference or division rankings, select from the League drop-down box.



IOWATFXC.COM can do many informational and fun things for you.  But first, we need meet results, in preferably compilable format.  Please help us with this.  Your fellow athletes, coaches, and fans will appreciate it.