XC Interview – Thomas Pollard, Gilbert HS

XC Interview –  Thomas Pollard, Gilbert HS

This interview features Thomas Pollard, junior, Gilbert High School, Gilbert, IA.  Thomas was 2nd (15:36) in the Iowa State 2A Cross Country State Championships in 2012.  His PR’s are 1500m (3:59.75), 1600m (4:18.47), 3000m (8:47.29), 3200m (9:10.97), and 5k XC (15:26, already in 2013).


Athlete Name?  Thomas Pollard

Year of Graduation?  2015

School?  Gilbert High School, Gilbert, IA

How long have you been running, and how did you get started?   Since the summer before 7th grade. I wanted to join a summer track club because my friend was on it and I thought I might be good.

Who’s been the greatest inspiration to you in your running career?  My dad.

Cross country coach(es)?  Aaron Thomas

Key(s) to your training program?   Stay healthy.

Goals for the upcoming season?  Win a team title at State.

Running goals beyond HS?  If it's possible, I would like to run in college.

Favorite cross country meet?  State

Favorite competitors in cross country?   The whole North Polk team since we see them a lot.

Favorite cross country memory?  When our team got second at State my freshman year.

Favorite academic subject?  Math.

Favorite activity besides running?  Watching Iowa State games.

Favorite quote?   "He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will not be shaken." Psalms 62:6