XC Interview – Shannon Gorman, Cedar Rapids Washington HS


XC Interview –  Shannon Gorman, Cedar Rapids Washington HS

This interview features Shannon Gorman, Cedar Rapids Washington HS .  Shannon’s PR’s are 800m (2:24.29), 1500m (4:52.56), 3000m (10:19.18),  and 4k XC (14:16).


Athlete Name?  Shannon Gorman

Year of Graduation?  2014

School?  Cedar Rapids Washington HS

How long have you been running, and how did you get started?  Started in 7th grade because I was wasn't coordinated enough to do anything else.

Who’s been the greatest inspiration to you in your running career?   Kristin Rogers and Eveline Niyokwizigigwa were seniors my freshman year, and they inspired me to take cross country seriously. They were my first glimpse at what it meant to be dedicated.

Cross country coach(es)?  Lisa Nicol

Key(s) to your training program?   Cross training.

Goals for the upcoming season?  Run my best race at the State Meet.

Running goals beyond HS?   It all depends on where I end up going to college, but I will be running and doing triathlons as long as my body lets me.

Favorite cross country meet?  State is a cliché, and we don't go to Pella anymore; so it'd have to be the Clinton Invite.  I like weekend invitationals.  It's too hectic during the week. 

Favorite competitors in cross country?   Ellen Carman from City High and the Kennedy girls. Cross Country is such a supportive sport and I feel like everyone is looking out for you.

Favorite cross country memory?  Going to state with my team my freshman year.  I'd love to qualify as a team this my senior year.

Favorite academic subject?   It's one of my worst subjects, but I enjoy history and government.

Favorite activity besides running?  Sleeping.

Favorite quote?   “Failure is not an option if success is just a matter of trying harder.”