Subscriptions, but even greater benefits (updated)

Subscriptions, but even greater benefits

While some benefits remain free, effective immediately, subscriptions to IOWATFXC.COM (including to MileSplit national and other state websites) will be required for other services.

Remaining free:
>  Team information, and ability to edit team informaiton 
>  Meet schedules
>  Meet results
>  Meet coverage -  articles &  photos/videos submitted by users (athletes, parents, coaches, meet managers, fans)
>  Ability to submit photos/videos
>  Event leaders in Stats
>  General articles
>  Discussions

Subscription required:
>  Access to athlete profiles;  but career progressions by event and PR's remain free
>  On-site meet coverage -  articles &  photos/videos submitted by IOWATFXC.COM reps
>  In-depth team, conference, division, state, and national rankings
>  Advanced stats -  comparing selected athletes vs. athletes and  teams vs. teams based on best athlete performances
>  Special articles

“Subscriptions” will enable new and better, broader and more in-depth, coverage of athletes, teams, and meets.

Cost of subscriptions; options:
>  Yearly plan -  $4 per month, $48 per year, billed annually
>  Monthly plan -  $5 per month, can cancel at any time

To subscribe -  In IOWATFXC.COM, go to Insider (on right side of menu bar) and complete the application.

We look forward to serving you even better!!

Lyle Knudson, editor, IOWATFXC.COM