Advantages & Disadvantages of Private T&F/XC Coaches


Advantages & Disadvantages of Private T&F/XC Coaching


Definition, Private Coach -  coach not officially affiliated with a school.


Disadvantages of Private T&F/XC Coaches:

1.  Private coach may not have adequate science and teaching-coaching education & experience to properly organize and apply a valid training-competition program.

2.  If private training program is inferior to the HS program, will be detrimental to athlete and team development.

3.  If private coach is too zealous or egocentric, may result in overtraining and/or over-competing leading to cumulative fatigue and chronic injuries/illness.

4.  If private coach does not work cooperatively with the HS T&F/XC program, can be disruptive to the HS program.


Advantages of Private T&F/XC Coaches:

1.   Private coach may have even a greater science, teaching-coaching education, and training-competition background in T&F/XC than the HS coach(es).

2.  Private coaches are usually willing to work with athlete(s) year-around to maximize development in T&F/XC, whereas HS coaches often aren’t.

3.  A quality private program may be focused on longer term development of involved athlete(s) rather than how many points scored for the team, therefore may spread training and competition over greater periods to avoid cumulative fatigue and injuries, and promote more consistent and longer term development.

4.  A quality private coach, working in cooperation with the HS T&F/XC coaches, may significantly improve the quality of HS training program and enhance individual as well as team performances in competitions.


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