XC Interview – Brianna King


 XC Interview -  Brianna King

This interview features Brianna King, senior, Cedar Falls High School, Cedar Falls.  If Brianna’s progress over her first three years at the State XC Meet are any indication of what 2012 brings, this could be a special senior year for her.   In 2009 as a freshman, she was 88th (16:46); in 2010, 32nd (15:04), and last year, 9th (pr - 4:23).   She had 2012 track PR’s in the 800m (2:14.64) and 1500m (4:48.16).  Brianna started the 2012 XC season strong -  2nd in the Prairie Invitational, 3rd at the Rich Engle Classic, and 7th among a multi-state field in the Heartland Classic.


When & how did you get started in cross country, or generally in your running career?

I started running long distances when I was a freshman.  I had to make a choice between cross country and volleyball; but luckily over the summer I joined a distance training group called Hilltoppers, and I didn’t go to the volleyball camps.  So I joined cross country as a freshman without any expectations of even making varsity.

Person/people most influential to your success in cross country, or generally in your running career?

My parents are huge reasons why I’ve done everything that I have in my running career.  They’re the ones who encouraged me to join Hilltoppers; and they’ve also never put extra pressure on me.  My parents always stay positive even after I have a really bad race; and, most important, they’ve managed to come to every one of my meets.

Your cross country coach(es)?

My cross country coach, Don (Williams), has been so helpful through my entire experience in cross country.  He is always encouraging and brings a smile to practice every day.  He cares for every single runner on our team; and he is basically the reason I chose cross country over volleyball.  I’ve had a lot of good coaches in the different sports I’ve done growing up, but Don is by far the best.

Keys to your successful training program?

Off-season training like Hilltoppers has helped me start off every cross country season with a good base.  Having my endurance built up coming into the season allows for me to run faster earlier in the season.  And, possibly the most important reason I can run how I do in races, is having a teammate like Allison Gregg at the same level to train with every day at practice.

Why do you enjoy cross country?

I enjoy cross country because of our whole team’s positive attitude and desire to improve.  Also our team does several things like spaghetti dinners and a team sleepover which allows us to get to know each other better.  Because of how well we know each other, we have all developed a respect for one another that can be seen at every practice and at every meet.

Your favorite cross-country meet(s)?

The state meet has been my favorite meet ever since after my freshman year.  I really enjoy Fort Dodge’s smooth course and slightly downhill finish.  Also my coach has always trained our team perfectly to run our best race at State.  So having a twenty or thirty second PR almost every time I run at the state meet has also left me with a positive outlook at the meet.  Plus I enjoy running against that kind of competition so I can see what I’m truly capable of.

Cross country athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?

In cross country, I enjoy seeing the girls I run against in several races at State track again.  It’s interesting to see how well some people perform in something like a 400 in track and watching them do amazing in cross country as well.  I also like hearing what everyone’s favorite race is, and if they prefer track or cross country.

Your greatest cross country experience in your career so far?

Last year’s State meet was the best moment in cross country for me so far.  I didn’t have any extra pressure on me because I wasn’t ranked high going into the state meet.  It was an unusual feeling for me to always see the lead runner, especially since I came in 32nd the previous year and 88th the year before that.  I think my improving from where I was as a freshman made the experience that much more exciting to me.

Goals for the 2012 cross country season?

My goal every year is to PR.  I’ll know all the hard training will be for something if I improve.  I’m also going to compare my times at the same courses over the years and just try to run faster at each meet this year.

Long-term goals in cross country, or generally in your running career?

All I want out of my running career is to have fun and compete in college and not ever get burnt out so I can continue to love running for the rest of my life.


Visit Brianna’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at https://ia.milesplit.com/athletes/1045101-brianna-king .