Viewing Photographs -  To access photos already in IOWATFXC.COM, go to the respective meet through Coverage or Calendar > Photo Albums > (click on the respective album name) > (if more than one sub-album, click on the desired one) > click on “View as Slide Show” or click on the specific thumbnails to see the full-size photos.

Adding Photographs -  Six things are necessary to put quality competition photos on IOWATFXC.COM:
 I.  You need to have a camera.  Even a basic digital will do.

II.  Obviously, you (or whomever) need to be at the meet.  Whomever =  designated team photographer, coach, another athlete, family member, friend, or other.

III.  Find a good location on the course; e.g., good lighting, sun at back, nice background, turn on the course so you can get head-on shots, from the side or diagonally away from spectators for shots of groups.

IV.  Zoom in, hold camera steady or use a tripod, and "shoot".  A few good shots are better than many bad ones.  Get shots of top athletes from other teams as well as yours!!

V.  Go home and download the photos files to a new folder on your computer.  If a number of photos from different events, put in separate folders for each respective event.

VI.   Then either:

VI-A.  With a little know-how, you can edit and upload selected photos directly to the respective meet page in IOWATFXC.COM.

1.  With photo-editing software, edit (e.g., crop, brighten, sharpen) and resize (to approximately 600 pixels maximum horizontal or vertical) each intended photo for best appearance and sizing, and save to the folder(s) with descriptive file name.

2.  In IOWATFXC.COM, go to the respective meet page; Coverage/Calendar > (season) > (meet).

3.  Under Photo Albums, click on Add Your Photos.

4.  (If you don't have a free MileSplit account, click on Sign Up For One Now, set up your member profile, and get a User Name and Password.)

5.  Log in with your User Name and Password.

6.  Run the JumpLoaderApplet.

7.  If photos are in separate event folders, indicate the event in the Subalbum Tag box.

8.  You can either add all or selected photos from a folder at once OR one at a time.


8a.  To add all or selected photos from a folder –

1)  Browse to your folder and click on it to add the path and folder name to the address box .
2)  In the top display window, click on + to select the folder or specific files.  The photos will appear in the lower window.  Hold down the Ctrl key and click on selected photos if interspersed among all photos.   To select sequential photos in the folder - click on the first, hold down the Shift key, and click on the last.  Click on X to de-select specific photos.
3)  When all desired photos are selected, click the up-arrow button to Start The Upload.

8b.  To add one photo at a time, go to the "Old-Fashioned Uploader" at the bottom of the page.  Then one-by-one, Select Photo by Browsing to the folder and file.  Then click Add Photo.


9.  Depending on the number and size of the photos, and how busy is the Milesplit server, it may take a few minutes for your files to be uploaded to the meet page. 

VI-B.  OR, you may email as attachments the desired photos to; and we'll do the editing and uploading to the meet page.  In the email, make sure to include the meet name, location, and date; and optionally, a brief description of the event, team(s), and individual(s) in each photo.  To avoid overloading your and our email capacity, please limit the number of photos each email if using this option. 

Becoming an official IOWATFXC.COM photographer at major meets -  IOWATFXC.COM would like to provide enhanced coverage, including photos, of all major meets (e.g., Regional XC, State XC); but we need assistance.  If you are interested (or know someone who might be) in taking at and submitting photos from one or more of these meets on a voluntary basis, please contact us at  You will be given due credit for all photos submitted.

Your athletes, coaches, team, families, and friends (and we at IOWATFXC.COM) will appreciate your photo taking and submitting efforts.  THANKS in advance!!