Spartan Challenge Holds Strong Field

This weekend's Spartan Challenge Invitational should be another strong showing. At last year's meet, the Johnston girls started to gain traction as the strongest female team in Iowa after finishing close behind Edina and Naperville North, two strong powerhouses from Minnesota and Illinois, respectively. With their appearance again this year, many are looking to see how they can stand up after many injuries over the spring and summer months. Senior Jessica McKee will be looking to take the individual win this year after a close 3rd place finish last year.
With Patrick Bose and Alex Batista graduating, plus Nicholas Yanek leaving Iowa, it will be interesting to see if another Iowa athlete can step up and take the individual win this year over the strong Edina team in the boys race. Pleasant Valley will have to make up for the loss of Yanek to try and take the win over Edina this year after taking 2nd to them last year.

Take a look back at the varsity results from last year's meet to prepare for the big day!

Girls - Varsity

 Results below have been formatted by MileSplit. If you see any discrepancies please see "Completed" Results
1Sarah Schmitt11 Naperville North High School18:37.001
2Amanda Mosborg12 Edina High School18:40.002
3Jessica Mckee11 Johnston High School18:42.003
4Morgan Richter9 Edina High School18:43.004
5Emily Kompelien11 Edina High School18:57.005
6Paige Horner9 Johnston High School19:02.006
7Tate Sweeney12 Edina High School19:02.007
8Maria Rickman10 Edina High School19:11.008
9Brooklyn Mckee9 Johnston High School19:11.009
10Claire Hamilton12 Naperville North High School19:15.0010
11Sadie Schreiner9 Edina High School19:18.0011
12Emily Poss12 Johnston High School19:21.0012
13Alex Morris10 Naperville North High School19:25.0013
14Gabby Skopec12 Iowa City West High School19:32.0014
15Hannah Ricci11 Naperville North High School19:36.0015
16Gabby Champion12 Naperville North High School19:36.0016
17Bailey Nock11 Iowa City West High School19:39.0017
18Hannah Frazee12 Prairie High School19:43.0018
19Anna Lindower10 Iowa City High School19:44.0019
20Brina Kraft12 Muscatine High School19:49.0020
21Claire Ronnebaum11 Iowa City West High School19:53.0021
22Ally Gallagher12 Bettendorf High School19:54.0022
23Anna Hage12 Edina High School19:58.0023
24Kayla Glowacki12 Naperville North High School20:03.0024
25Mary Arch12 Iowa City High School20:04.0025
26Maddy Minard10 Pleasant Valley High School20:06.0026
27Emily Bywater12 Iowa City High School20:06.0027
28Ashley Donovan10 Dubuque Senior High School20:14.0028
29Presley Case9 North Scott High School20:15.0029
30Jessie Skopec12 Iowa City West High School20:23.0030
31Addie Swanson12 Pleasant Valley High School20:24.0031
32Mackenzie Gaherty11 Dubuque Senior High School20:25.0032
33Trinity Borland11 Bettendorf High School20:30.0033
34Claire Mcbride11 Naperville North High School20:36.0034
35Moriah Morter11 Muscatine High School20:39.0035
36Mia Rampton11 Dubuque Senior High School20:40.0036
37Sommer Clydesdale10 North Scott High School20:45.0037
38Lauren Miller10 Dubuque Senior High School20:45.0038
39Annie Rummelhart10 Iowa City High School20:47.0039
40Clara Toot9 Johnston High School20:48.0040
41Kinsee Brands11 Iowa City High School20:48.0041
42Abby Lafrenz9 North Scott High School20:54.0042
43Sydney Spranger12 Bettendorf High School20:58.0043
44Olivia Moore12 Iowa City West High School20:59.0044
45Abby Riley10 Pleasant Valley High School20:59.0045
46Mallory Lafever10 Pleasant Valley High School21:00.0046
47Deniz Ince10 Iowa City West High School21:03.0047
48Danielle Roos12 Muscatine High School21:08.0048
49Alissa Neubauer11 Prairie High School21:09.0049
50Esti Brady9 Iowa City High School21:14.0050
51Celeste Chadwick12 Iowa City High School21:24.0051
52Maddie Case11 North Scott High School21:25.0052
53Olivia Kruse10 Dubuque Senior High School21:28.0053
54Mackenzie Laughlin11 Johnston High School21:36.0054
55Jenna Nickles10 Bettendorf High School21:39.0055
56Lauren Urban10 Johnston High School21:40.0056
57Kiana Castro12 Bettendorf High School21:40.0057
58Chloe Greig10 Pleasant Valley High School21:41.0058
59Cayla Renwick12 Prairie High School21:45.0059
60Ava Frye11 Dubuque Senior High School21:46.0060
61Emmie Smith10 Muscatine High School21:49.0061
62Nicole Garrido12 Muscatine High School21:59.0062
63Elaina Bravo12 Muscatine High School22:00.0063
64Victoria Enyart12 Prairie High School22:06.0064
65Kayci Gatlin9 Pleasant Valley High School22:08.0065
66Nyah Block11 Bettendorf High School22:17.0066
67Tessa Wright11 Bettendorf High School22:18.0067
68Victoria Healey12 Dubuque Senior High School22:21.0068
69Emma Berger10 Davenport Central High School22:22.0069
70Emma Maynard11 Muscatine High School22:32.0070
71Chloe Engelkes10 North Scott High School22:36.0071
72Chloe Holt10 Iowa City West High School22:37.0072
73Kaitlynn Ruwe10 North Scott High School22:37.0073
74Jade Ford11 Rock Island High School22:39.0074
75Kirstin Skriver11 Prairie High School22:43.0075
76Taylor Quick9 Davenport West High School22:45.0076
77Emily Kundel9 North Scott High School22:46.0077
78Meghan Brune12 Prairie High School22:49.0078
79Molly Friede9 Davenport West High School23:00.0079
80Caroline Christophers10 Pleasant Valley High School23:34.0080
81Kaylynn Sparks9 Davenport West High School23:49.0081
82Kate Kealey10 Davenport West High School23:57.0082
83Emme Schwabe11 Moline High School23:59.0083
84Charlie Salzmann12 Rock Island High School24:11.0084
85Megan Grimm11 Prairie High School24:16.0085
86Savanah Strunk11 Davenport West High School24:19.0086
87Taylor Thompson9 Davenport West High School24:20.0087
88Alexia Robinson11 Rock Island High School24:20.0088
89Morgan Madison12 Moline High School24:35.0089
90Emily Peterson12 Burlington High School24:40.0090
91Annie Knobloch12 Moline High School24:54.0091
92Sophie Cornish10 Davenport Central High School24:54.0092
93Claire Hovey10 Davenport Central High School25:17.0093
94Lilly Johnson11 Rock Island High School25:22.0094
95Sammi Gerdes9 Burlington High School25:27.0095
96Kaylin Moeller9 Burlington High School25:28.0096
97Katie Lange11 Davenport Central High School25:37.0097
98Jaida Woody11 Rock Island High School25:40.0098
99Baylea Hamer10 Davenport Central High School25:50.0099
100Abby Peters9 Burlington High School25:52.00100
101Abigail Thompson12 Davenport Central High School26:10.00101
102Alyssa Mcanally11 Moline High School26:36.00102
103Savannah Hampton11 Moline High School26:38.00103
104Katie Baltisberger9 Burlington High School27:07.00104
1Edina High School262+4+5+7+8 (11+23)0:31 1-5 Split | 18:54 Avg
2Naperville North High School551+10+13+15+16 (24+34)0:59 1-5 Split | 19:17 Avg
3Johnston High School703+6+9+12+40 (54+56)2:06 1-5 Split | 19:24 Avg
4Iowa City West High School12614+17+21+30+44 (47+72)1:27 1-5 Split | 20:05 Avg
5Iowa City High School15119+25+27+39+41 (50+51)1:04 1-5 Split | 20:17 Avg
6Dubuque Senior High School18728+32+36+38+53 (60+68)1:14 1-5 Split | 20:42 Avg
7Pleasant Valley High School20626+31+45+46+58 (65+80)1:35 1-5 Split | 20:50 Avg
8Bettendorf High School21022+33+43+55+57 (66+67)1:46 1-5 Split | 20:56 Avg
9Muscatine High School22620+35+48+61+62 (63+70)2:10 1-5 Split | 21:04 Avg
10North Scott High School23129+37+42+52+71 (73+77)2:21 1-5 Split | 21:11 Avg
11Prairie High School26518+49+59+64+75 (78+85)3:00 1-5 Split | 21:29 Avg
12Davenport West High School40476+79+81+82+86 (87)1:34 1-5 Split | 23:34 Avg
13Rock Island High School43874+84+88+94+983:01 1-5 Split | 24:26 Avg
14Davenport Central High School45069+92+93+97+99 (101)3:28 1-5 Split | 24:48 Avg
15Moline High School46883+89+91+102+1032:39 1-5 Split | 25:20 Avg
16Burlington High School48590+95+96+100+1042:27 1-5 Split | 25:42 Avg

Boys - Varsity

 Results below have been formatted by MileSplit. If you see any discrepancies please see "Completed" Results
1Patrick Bose12 Johnston High School16:00.001
2Patrick Roos12 Edina High School16:08.002
3Zac Miller12 Edina High School16:13.003
4Nicholas Yanek11 Pleasant Valley High School16:21.004
5Alex Batista12 Muscatine High School16:31.005
6Jalen Hildebrand11 Dubuque Senior High School16:38.006
7Andrew Wright11 Davenport West High School16:41.007
8Ali Ali12 Iowa City West High School16:42.008
9Kolby Greiner10 Iowa City West High School16:45.009
10Thomas Schauerman12 Edina High School16:46.0010
11Cole Schroeder10 Burlington High School16:52.0011
12Max Manley10 Edina High School16:53.0012
13Mark Conway12 Pleasant Valley High School16:55.0013
14Cam Steffens12 Prairie High School16:56.0014
15Matthew Dodge12 Iowa City High School16:58.0015
16Konnor Sommer11 Pleasant Valley High School17:00.0016
17Max Laue11 Prairie High School17:01.0017
18Owen Smalley12 Edina High School17:03.0018
19Parker Huhn10 Pleasant Valley High School17:05.0019
20Gavin Smith10 Pleasant Valley High School17:07.0020
21Terrell Robinson12 Rock Island High School17:08.0021
22Robert Laue11 Prairie High School17:12.0022
23Ben Gorman12 Pleasant Valley High School17:13.0023
24Elijah Vlasek11 Prairie High School17:14.0024
25Andrew Murley12 Iowa City West High School17:14.0025
26Michael Taylor12 Iowa City High School17:14.0026
27Tyler Olson11 Muscatine High School17:16.0027
28Kyle Hoffman12 Muscatine High School17:16.0028
29Louis Lefabvre12 Edina High School17:17.0029
30Max Kuhs12 Edina High School17:19.0030
31Matt Lorenz11 Prairie High School17:21.0031
32Cam Schroeder11 Burlington High School17:22.0032
33Tom Altier11 Johnston High School17:25.0033
34Luke Hudepohl12 Prairie High School17:27.0034
35Ian Aplington12 Pleasant Valley High School17:28.0035
36Joe Schaefer9 Johnston High School17:28.0036
37Aidan Macgregor10 Johnston High School17:29.0037
38Keenan Dolan11 Davenport West High School17:30.0038
39Quenton Max11 Iowa City High School17:31.0039
40Riley Chartier12 Johnston High School17:34.0040
41Willy Whalen11 Dubuque Senior High School17:35.0041
42Nate Trasowech12 Davenport Central High School17:38.0042
43Lucas Firmstone11 Iowa City High School17:47.0043
44Caden Turnbough9 Iowa City High School17:48.0044
45Andrew Ellison11 Moline High School17:49.0045
46Marcus Padilla12 North Scott High School17:54.0046
47Jackson Schrock10 North Scott High School17:55.0047
48Oliver Shabani10 Iowa City High School17:55.0048
49Mike Jasa11 Prairie High School17:55.0049
50Derek Nugent12 Iowa City West High School17:55.0050
51Jared Bailey11 Iowa City West High School17:57.0051
52Tevin Tovar10 Muscatine High School18:00.0052
53Michael Smith12 Davenport Central High School18:01.0053
54Ryan Ladicio11 Moline High School18:02.0054
55Kyle Sulwer11 Iowa City West High School18:07.0055
56Logan Stuart12 Iowa City West High School18:08.0056
57Brett Wisor10 Davenport West High School18:11.0057
58Reid12 Burlington High School18:14.0058
59Dalton Zenner12 Dubuque Senior High School18:15.0059
60Jackson Stamper11 Bettendorf High School18:17.0060
61Bryce Biven11 Burlington High School18:17.0061
62Logan Pauley12 Moline High School18:18.0062
63Owen Ness10 Johnston High School18:19.0063
64Justin Gard12 Johnston High School18:20.0064
65Brighton Kraft10 Muscatine High School18:29.0065
66Joey Parker11 Bettendorf High School18:31.0066
67Garrett Dolan11 Muscatine High School18:35.0067
68Jacob Green12 Davenport Central High School18:37.0068
69Nathan Vail12 Dubuque Senior High School18:38.0069
70Nolan Cochran11 Iowa City High School18:40.0070
71Jordan Gravert10 Davenport West High School18:43.0071
72Nicholas Vail12 Dubuque Senior High School18:47.0072
73Drew Thmpson11 Davenport Central High School18:51.0073
74Andy Garcia10 Muscatine High School18:54.0074
75Brandon House9 North Scott High School18:55.0075
76Donovan Klutho12 Bettendorf High School19:00.0076
77Jalil Gay11 Rock Island High School19:03.0077
78Colin Wiersema10 North Scott High School19:04.0078
79Dylan Canas12 Bettendorf High School19:06.0079
80Ben Cook10 Dubuque Senior High School19:16.0080
81Wes Brimeyer12 Dubuque Senior High School19:16.0081
82Gabe Jensen10 North Scott High School19:20.0082
83Chane Eckhardt11 Davenport West High School19:32.0083
84Thomas Crowley12 Bettendorf High School19:33.0084
85Nick Boddicker11 North Scott High School19:35.0085
86Alex Klumb11 Moline High School19:51.0086
87Seth Land11 Davenport Central High School19:58.0087
88Danny Frandsen11 Davenport Central High School19:58.0088
89Nate Boddicker12 North Scott High School19:59.0089
90Josh Gulick11 Burlington High School20:13.0090
91Alex Schwindt10 Davenport West High School20:20.0091
92Tavian Douglas-rogan12 Rock Island High School20:38.0092
93Islam Tot12 Davenport Central High School20:40.0093
94Eli Dewilde11 Moline High School20:50.0094
95Benny Lingle11 Davenport West High School21:13.0095
96Martin Gonzalez11 Moline High School21:46.0096
97Michael Bonin12 Bettendorf High School21:47.0097
98Logan Thomsen12 Bettendorf High School22:54.0098
99Micah Henman11 Burlington High School23:42.0099
100Kaleb Leone12 Rock Island High School26:41.00100
101John Perez12 Rock Island High School29:10.00101
102Landen Love11 Rock Island High School29:51.00102
1Edina High School452+3+10+12+18 (29+30)0:55 1-5 Split | 16:36 Avg
2Pleasant Valley High School724+13+16+19+20 (23+35)0:46 1-5 Split | 16:53 Avg
3Prairie High School10814+17+22+24+31 (34+49)0:25 1-5 Split | 17:08 Avg
4Iowa City West High School1438+9+25+50+51 (55+56)1:15 1-5 Split | 17:18 Avg
5Johnston High School1471+33+36+37+40 (63+64)1:34 1-5 Split | 17:11 Avg
6Iowa City High School16715+26+39+43+44 (48+70)0:50 1-5 Split | 17:27 Avg
7Muscatine High School1775+27+28+52+65 (67+74)1:58 1-5 Split | 17:30 Avg
8Dubuque Senior High School2476+41+59+69+72 (80+81)2:09 1-5 Split | 17:58 Avg
9Burlington High School25211+32+58+61+90 (99)3:21 1-5 Split | 18:11 Avg
10Davenport West High School2567+38+57+71+83 (91+95)2:51 1-5 Split | 18:07 Avg
11Davenport Central High School32342+53+68+73+87 (88+93)2:20 1-5 Split | 18:37 Avg
12North Scott High School32846+47+75+78+82 (85+89)1:26 1-5 Split | 18:37 Avg
13Moline High School34145+54+62+86+94 (96)3:01 1-5 Split | 18:58 Avg
14Bettendorf High School36560+66+76+79+84 (97+98)1:16 1-5 Split | 18:53 Avg
15Rock Island High School39121+77+92+100+101 (102)12:02 1-5 Split | 22:32 Avg

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