Athlete Interview - Becca Cherry, Waverly-Shell Rock HS


Athlete Interview
Becca Cherry, senior, Waverly-Shell Rock HS, Waverly
PR’s:  100m – 12.43, 200m – 26.60


1.      When & how did you get started in track & field?

I have always been very competitive, so in eighth grade my dad convinced me to go out for track and field.
I decided to give it a try and ended up falling in love with the sport. 

2.      Person/people most influential to your success in track & field?

There are so many!  My family has always been very supportive of me running track, and have traveled the distance for me.  My team is also amazing!  Most of all I wouldn't be where I am today without my coach.  
She helps me realize I can do 
so much more than I ever thought I could.

3.      Your favorite track & field event(s)?

My favorite events are the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash, mostly because they are my main events. My favorite sport to watch, however, is the high jump; I've always wanted to be able to do high jump!

4.      Your track & field event coach(es)?

My coach is Wende Dawson.

5.       Keys to your successful track & field training program?

I'd say the most important thing I've learned is to not let things get to your head.  You always need to go
out with a positive attitude.  Also, listen to your body.  
Trying to push through an injury can only make things worse.

6.      Your favorite track & field meet(s)? 

My favorite meet is the Drake Relays. There's so much excitement; and it's a great experience to watch
all the college and professional runners.

7.      Track & field athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?

I always like knowing when I have tough competition.  It helps me push myself to reach my goals when
I know I have someone right there with me.

8.      Most memorable experience in track & field so far?

My most memorable experiences was getting to spend time with my teammates and coaches while
at the state meet.

9.      Greatest accomplishment(s) in track & field so far?

My greatest accomplishment would probably have to be overcoming injury.  My freshman year I was out
for a lot of the season because I had tendinitis in my 
achilles.  I was also out for a portion of my sophomore
year with the same injury.  
We still don't know what causes the tendinitis, but I have been able to keep it
under control.

10. Goals for the 2013 track & field season?

My goals for this year are to continue to beat my personal bests, as well as breaking our school record
in the 200m that has been there since 1993!

11. If a senior, college/university you will attend, or schools you are considering?

I will be attending Wartburg College, and will compete in track and field while attending there.

      12.  Long-term goals in track & field? 

Plain and simple, I want to be an all American.



See Becca’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at .