Athlete Interview - Brianna King, Cedar Falls HS

Athlete Interview
Brianna King, senior, Cedar Falls HS
PR’s:  800m – 2:14.64, 1500m – 4:48.16, 4k XC – 14:23


1.      When & how did you get started in track & field?

I started track in junior high.  I was skeptical and didn’t think I would enjoy
it at first, but I found out there’s a lot more to the sport than just running
in circles.

2.      Person/people most influential to your success in track & field?

My coach, Don Williams, and my parents have been most influential to my success.  My parents are the ones who suggested I do track in the first place, and Don pushes me to work hard every day.

3.      Your favorite track & field event(s)?

The open 800, or the 800 split in the distance medley.  I like the speed the race requires, but I always finish the race knowing there’s more potential for growth.

4.      Your track & field event coach(es)?

My track and field event coach is Don Williams.

5.       Keys to your successful track & field training program?

Having a coach that pushes me to work harder everyday has been important to my success in track.

6.      Your favorite track & field meet(s)? 

My favorite meet is the Drake Relays because of the competition.

7.      Track & field athlete(s) you most enjoy competing against?

I most enjoy the people I compete against at Drake and State because I’ve seen them multiple times at meets and sometimes even at cross country.

8.      Most memorable experience in track & field so far?

My most memorable experience in track was either winning the distance medley my sophomore year, or leading most of the 800 at state last year.

9.      Greatest accomplishment(s) in track & field so far?

My greatest accomplishment in track was running a 2:14 in the 800.

10. Goals for the 2013 track & field season?

My goals are to PR and stay healthy my senior year

11. If a senior, college/university you will attend, or schools you are considering?

I’m going to Grand Valley State University.

      12.  Long-term goals in track & field? 

I want to continue to improve and always have a love for the sport.



See Brianna’s IOWATFXC.COM webpage at .