Athlete Spotlight: Cole Willert to Join Inaugural Red Tails Team

Cole Willert from St. Ansgar signed to join the inaugural track team at Hawkeye College next year. Continue on to see how he made his decision and what hopes he has for his track career. 

When did you know you wanted to be a runner?
I went out for track freshman year not taking it seriously and not thinking this would be part of my future. Sophomore year I made it to state on the 4x4 team and got my first taste of how fun track really is. After that experience, I set my mind on it, knowing that track is something I will want to keep doing even after high school.

What is your favorite track event to compete in?
Easily the 400 Meter Hurdles. I've had people tell me things like, "Good for you, that's a man's race!" or "That's the worst possible race in the whole meet." and "Those are worse than 800's!" But I think this race is the most fun because it consists of hurdling form/ability, strategy, and endurance.


How did you hear about Hawkeye Community College?
Some of my family friend's attended what was Hawkeye Tech at the time, and they all had good things to say about that school. Their coaches reached out to me for recruiting, and I didn't think of Hawkeye as a school I would want to attend until going on a visit, looking at their programs, and meeting some of the staff.


How did you decide to become a Red Tail?
I talked over it with my parents a lot, and I took the coaching staff, size of classes, programs, administration, housing, etc. into consideration. We found that this would be the best school for me, and that I would have a good opportunity to experience being away from home and meeting new people.


What excites you most about being part of the inaugural Red Tails Track team?
I love the fact that I'll be one of the guys who lays the foundation for this program. Hopefully as a team we will set the bar high and give future Red Tails something worthwhile to build off of.


What events do you plan to focus on in college?
The 400 and the 400 Hurdles.


What are your hopes for your final high school track season, and for your collegiate career?
More than anything, I want to be a state record holder and state champ in the 400 Meter Hurdles. Along with that, I would like to participate and medal in three more events, and place, or even win, as a team. For my first year at Hawkeye, I'm setting my goals fairly high because I am wanting to win my event/events at every meet and qualify for nationals.


What majors of study interest you at Hawkeye?
I'm set on studying nursing and taking their Practical Nursing Program.


What are your long term plans, not only for your academics, but also in athletics? 
I plan to graduate from Hawkeye after my two years and transfer to a four year university, not only to continue my education in nursing, but also my track career.

To see stats from Cole's high school career so far, check out his athlete profile here!